Subject:RE: Land speed record Revisited Date:Wed May 23 01:18:00 2018
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Congratulations to team Zeigle!

That M/VG class looks interesting.

The 2 VanBeek/Mattocks Hummer speed records were in the P/PV 125 class, as well as the P/PV 175 class.

These examples truly deserve the title as the "Worlds Fastest Hummers"!

Congrats to Patrick Zeigle, Steve Mattocks, and engine builder Tom VanBeek!

here is the Hummer speed record that Jb was referring to, its not exactly a real Hummer, but it did officially go 61 mph.
Patrick Zeigle told of campaigning some remarkable bikes at Bonneville, including his unique quest for an SCTA record on a modified Harley-Davidson Hummer (61.344 mph in the 125cc M/VG class)

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