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Yes, I had just posted those same results earlier this
morning. They are the fastest that have ran at Bonneville.
Not the World's Fastest.

So are ya saying that there is a "modified" Harley 175
Hummer that has the land speed record of 107, or just some
make of 175cc? If it's not a Hummer, then it can't be the
world's fastest Hummer.

By the Way, I am working on achieving 100 mph on the green
bike. Might have to turbo charge it...............

They are the fastest!

Bonneville has many different classes.

Stock class vs. Modified class.

Stock class:

The current Bonneville record for a stock (not modified)
125 hummer is 57.537 mph set by Mattocks in the 125 class.

The current Bonneville record for a stock (not modified)165
Harley is 62.663 set by Mattocks in the 175 class.

62.663 is greater than 58mph!

I believe you would have to exceed 107 mph on your green
racer, to break a record in the modified 175 class at
Bonneville, and warrant the title as "worlds fastest

For those who are awaiting the speed record in actual miles
per hour in plain english without having to beg,
Here are the records set in 2017

Hummer 125
P-PV Steve Mattocks 8 /16 57.537 mph

Hummer 165
P-PV Mason Mattocks H/D 8 /17 62.663 mph

That's approx. 62 2/3 miles per hour flat out.

Rewind back to January 1953 Cycle Magazine, road tests the
new Harley 165.

Dick Hutchins readied a brand new Glamour Green Harley 165
with a solo seat and RM bars from Budelier H-D in Los
Angeles. Unbias'd top speed was 58 mph on a bone stock
brand new 165.

October 1954
Dick O'Brien (who would soon become H-D's chief engineer
for the H-D Factory race department) and was at the current
time working for the Puckett Motorcycle Company in Orlando,
FL; took his hop'd up 165 to the drag strip in Palaka, FL
and turned an impressive 60.52 mph / 14.87 seconds in a
standing start 1/4 mile !!! This wasn't the bikes top
speed, just how fast it went in a AMA sanctioned (and
timed) quarter mile.

This is compared to the 1/4 mile drag strip speed of the
stock 1953 bike mentioned afore, which in bone stock brand
new form, managed only 34.6 mph in the 1/4 mile

How can these LSR bikes deserve the worlds fastest Hummer
title, if they aren't the fastest ?

Inquring minds wanna know.......................

Have a great day,

Congratulations to team Zeigle!

That M/VG class looks interesting.

The 2 VanBeek/Mattocks Hummer speed records were in the
P/PV 125 class, as well as the P/PV 175 class.

These examples truly deserve the title as the "Worlds
Fastest Hummers"!

Congrats to Patrick Zeigle, Steve Mattocks, and engine
builder Tom VanBeek!

here is the Hummer speed record that Jb was referring to,
its not exactly a real Hummer, but it did officially go 61
Patrick Zeigle told of campaigning some remarkable bikes at
Bonneville, including his unique quest for an SCTA record
on a modified Harley-Davidson Hummer (61.344 mph in the
125cc M/VG class)

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