From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:New Hummer Exchange Date:Thu May 24 19:43:23 2018
The next time you go to the Hummer Exchange, you will be presented with a very different screen than you are used to.

The new Exchange allows you to freely read messages, but if you want to post messages, you will have to register on the Forums. Look at the right side of the screen, click "Register", and follow the prompts.

We recently did most of the work to set up the new Exchange (and believe us, it was a lot of work!). Unfortunately, we have not addressed how to backfill the messages from the Old Exchange into the New. We're not sure this is even possible to do without super-powers.

But when the Browsers unexpectedly forced the new HTTPS requirement on us - and killed the poor Old Hummer Exchange, we were ready to spring the New Exchange into action.

The Old Exchange will continue to be available for searching old messages - and many Frequently Asked Questions have already been answered there - but feel free to ask again on the New Exchange. We promise not to bite.

Dave and Brent

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