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Brent Dugan
Summerville, Pa.
1948 Model 125 & 1962 Scat

Featured in HummerNews Vol 16 No 5

It's so cute it needs to be loved..."
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A number of years ago I attended a Swap Meet in Connecticut and they were having an 'open class' antique bike show and I entered for sh-ts and giggles my 1948S 125. It was up against all the big bikes too. It ended up with "Best of Show" and got not only a trophy but $100 cash! It was only my second showing. I was offered $2500 for it that day (unheard of at the time for a 'Hummer') and I declined. I'm glad I did as it went on to receive 12 more trophies after that....none less than 1st place. A young lady at one of the Meets asked if she could sit on it to have her picture taken and I asked why. Her response was "This is the first non-threatening Harley that I've ever seen. It's so cute it needs to be loved". How could I argue with that logic?

2022....I went and did it again... another lightweight. 1962 175cc. Scat.


Every motorcycle has a story to tell: About 8 years ago I came across a Craig's List add for a 1962 Harley Scat while living in New Jersey. It was only about a 20 minute drive from my house in Hunterdon County. I took my pickup just in case. What I found wasn't worth what the guy was looking to get for it. I asked him if he was familiar with the Harley Hummer Club website and he said no. During our negotiating session he told me his Dad had purchased it new from the local H-D dealer so he and his older brother could have a little fun around their 50 acre (working) farm. They rode the bike until it just wouldn't run anymore and had a blast with it. He said he hoped I could get it running again and have fun with it too. We finally settled on a price and were loading it into my truck when one of his neighbors stopped by and saw what we were doing. His neighbor got upset as he didn't know it was for sale and HE would have bought it! You can see from the before pictures it looks pretty rough... except for the gas tank. The owner had repainted it on a whim a few years back. I liked the color so much I had my painter match it.


The project got stalled for a number of years but I still took the time to collect all the parts I needed. My plan was to build a resurrection rather than a restoration. When the time came I sent my motor and motor parts to Mutt and told him I wanted a running motor when I got it back. I'd also included a crankcase stuffer plate I'd come across and asked him to incorporate it. He surprised me by sending photos of the work he was doing at each stage. When it was complete he sent me a video of him starting it up on his test bench... complete with audio. He explained the stuffer plate had increased the intake suction and the original jetting of the carb had to be modified. He accomplished this by changing out the jet and installing a higher capacity metering tube. After the rebuild, the motor sat in my temperature controlled basement for a few years with oil soaked rags in the intake and exhaust ports. When the day came to start the motor it fired right up and settled into a nice idle when it warmed up. At this writing I've put 15 break in miles on it and it runs great.
Special thanks to the people who helped make this project possible:
Charles 'Mutt' Hallam... motor rebuild.
Duane Taylor... speedometer rebuild (and a nice front fender).
Jim Garrett... wiring.
Driven Autobody, Brookville, Pa. (paint job).
Heather's Leathers... seat recovering.
Quality Plating, Sterling, Illinois.
Jim's Forever, Inc. Mendon, Ohio... various parts... and a nice OEM muffler!

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