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Brent Dugan
High Bridge, New Jersey
1948 Model 125

Featured in HummerNews Vol 16 No 5

It's so cute it needs to be loved..."

(ed. note: Brent wrote this in response to a posting from Larry Willis #1411 after he won 1st Place in an open competion with his 1956 165ST.)
A number of years ago I attended a Swap Meet in Connecticut and they were having an 'open class' antique bike show and I entered for sh-ts and giggles my 1948S 125. It was up against all the big bikes too. It ended up with "Best of Show" and got not only a trophy but $100 cash! It was only my second showing. I was offered $2500 for it that day (unheard of at the time for a 'Hummer') and I declined. I'm glad I did as it went on to receive 12 more trophies after that....none less than 1st place. A young lady at one of the Meets asked if she could sit on it to have her picture taken and I asked why. Her response was "This is the first non-threatening Harley that I've ever seen. It's so cute it needs to be loved". How could I argue with that logic? I'm sure that you're feeling now the way I did then when I beat out the big bikes and your joy has helped me relive a great memory, thanks. Enjoy it and cherish the memory....when the time comes, pass it on to the next 'caretaker'. These bikes will live on longer than we do. Regards, Brent Dugan

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