Pat Walczak #701
Franksville, Wisconsin

1958 Hummer

Featured in Volume 16 Number 5

1958 Hummer

Pat Walczak #701 is an Ameritech retiree on full pension. She considers her only "job" now as "having a good time" and placing advertisements and listings for new members for the Hummer Club as part of her "Job description".

Her husband Wayne, isn't retired, be he joins in as a pleasure seeker in their Wind Lake, WI area as they enjoy their Harley Sportsters, 1955 Thunderbird, 1933 Ford Pick-up and, of course, the Hummers. Pictures and the story behind Pat's restored 1958 Hummer was featured in the October 1995 HummerNews. Pat and her husband both think the lightweight is such a "cute little rascal" and it's great to share with the many people who enjoy "keeping them Hummin'".

Updated: January 30, 1999