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Benny Howard #100
Carrollton, Va.
1956 Model 165

Benny writes: "Here's a pic of my 56 Original 165. the picture looks better than it really is. I bought this bike about 20 years ago to restore, but never got around to it. I now use it for reference and ride it to the mail box every now and then, it's surprising how many times I find myself looking to see how something is done. I've got a restored 48, and a 55 Hummer that I will send pics later if ok, also got an old 56 hummer that I used to scramble and flat track about 40 years ago. I kinda restored it a little better than it was back then. Don't know if you have the newly published book from Turner Publishing on AACA antique motorcycles, but it has a pic of the 56."

"I just finished installing the Tow Attachment on my 57 Pan and am going to set a bike in the attachment and take a couple of pics and will also send one...."

ed. note: Here's two

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