Bob & Bobbi Coleman
Ormond Beach, FL.

1960 Super 10

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Bob writes:
"In 1961, turning 14 years old in a west coast Florida town meant one thing- the ability to get a motorcycle/scooter/mail cart
less than 5 BHP which provided the freedom from dawn to dusk of cruising the town and island beaches and having your first love
on the rear fender zoom down the street with you (assuming her parents didn't know). I found my freedom for less than $50 via a Harley 125 (a.k.a. Hummer)

No helmets, no lights on and for the entire summer I had a perpetual burn on my right leg from riding in shorts. The 125 was a good bike, however, the real bike of my dreams was the Super-10. One of my classmates had a red one and it was just the coolest thing on two wheels.
A Super-10 sold new for $465 and even a used one was way out of my price range.

A couple of years ago on eBay I saw a somewhat basket case 1960 Super-10. It was selling for considerably more than $465, but I make more today than the $1.29/hour I did in 1961.

On the restored bike I tried to keep as many parts as possible original but since I intended to actually ride it some compromises were made such as tires, etc.
Finally through a lot of help and advice from folks on the Hummer-Exchange, I finished the project.
Today we live in Ormond Beach which is a few miles north of Daytona Beach. I can be seen riding the Super-10 around town and at Friday Downtown Nights
which is an antique car and motorcycle show in downtown Daytona Beach on closed Beach Street.
Invariably when someone my age (58) comes up to talk, the discussion is either:
1. They had a 125/165/Super 10/Scat, etc.
2. They had a friend who had one.
3. They wanted one.
Since I was prohibited from riding at night in 1961, I didn't worry about the magneto system and the fact that when the engine slows to idle
the headlight almost goes out. So now, when I ride at night, my wife Bobbi rides her Sportster beside me to provide a better level of lighting and visibility.
I prefer my Road King for anything over 20 miles from home but riding the Super-10 at 40 MPH feels like going 100 MPH and just the smell of
the 2 cycle oil and the ping-ping-ping of the muffler sure brings back some great memories.
Although she has her own bike, sometimes my first love (and wife for 35 years) still rides on the rear fender of my Super-10.
(ed. note: It looks like dreams do come true....)