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Kevin Coleman
Owasso, Oklahoma
1948 Model 125

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Kevin writes ".... Hi, I live in Owasso, Oklahoma and my story goes like this. 25 years ago my Father was given the 125 from a friend looking to get rid of it and he said that he thought it was a Harley. So he jumped at the chance! It was in very poor shape but I remember starting it up and driving it down the street where I lived. He had intentions of restoring it but at that time there was really no easy way of finding information about a bike that you knew nothing about.

In 1990 I moved to Oklahoma for my job and there were a lot of Harley riders out here so my first thought was that there must be someone that would know about the bike and maybe have friends that know friends (You know how that works) that may have some information on where to find parts and most of all what the actual bike looked like when original.

So about 1994 I brought the bike down and started asking around. The first thing on my list was fenders! I didnít do much to the bike in the up and coming years because I had heard that the fenders were very hard to come by and I really didnít want or have the money to be throwing at a bike that I wasnít even sure if I would be able to restore completely.

Then the Internet came and the Harley Hummer Club! I finally was able to see what the bike was to look like and the Hummer Exchange was a very big help. So to make a long story short. I found a set of fenders and started putting the bike together and after seeing it start to look like a bike again I was hooked and the push to finish began.Finally, I would like to thank all of my Hummer friends out there in the forums because without them, this project would not have been as enjoyable to do!!".

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