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Dana Miller
1960 Super 10

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Dana writes: "The story goes like this: "For Sale 1960 Harley teardrop tank ridgid frame solo seat $2000obo" I saw the ad in the local Pennysaver and pitched it into the trash pissed off that I had way too many other projects to even consider another one. A few weeks later out of force of habit I peeked through the paper again and to my surprise the ad was still there. I started thinking to myself "Gee maybe since it's still in the paper, it's probably an old basketcase beatnick chopper with fishtail pipes, springer...boy I ought to call at least..." I went to take a look the next day and as he was taking stuff out of the garage, "to clear a path to the bike", he rolls this cherry little bike out and parks it in front of me and goes back inside for a minute. I looked at it for a second but still stood there waiting for my dreambike to appear. I felt pretty stupid having never even heard of or seen a Hummer before but on closer inspection it was obviously Made in the USA.
I went home and called some bro's. Found some info in the H-D Bible but the best resource of course was the Hummer Club's website. Armed with my newfound knowledge I returned again the next day to negotiate a deal. He said that he'd had many calls and even offers over the phone but that I was the only one to come down and look. Knowing that my tax return was coming soon I left him with a check for deposit and returned a couple days later with the cash that I had managed to scrape, beg and borrow. He told me that he purchased the bike in 69' had it painted/tuned at the Harley dealer in San Jose (or Santa Clara) I think, and then rode it to college (Foothill College) until 1974. At that point he got a teaching job in Hawaii and so the bike sat ever since in his dad's garage. It only took a few hours to get running; most of which was polishing and cleaning the bike and then a little bit of tank and carb work. Vince from Vince's Antique Motorcycles has been a big help with finding some of the missing parts. I haven't been very motivated to restore the bike yet 'cause it runs so well "If it ain't broke....". After about a year I put a Harley sticker on the tank to answer that familiar first question everyone asks. At some point soon I'd like to replace the missing spokes, rotten tires/tubes. Fix the worn clutch, repair the bent brake pedal, restore speedo, replace chain adjusters and find the correct chainguard, horn etc. just to get started. In the meantime I'm having lots of fun riding "ol' Hardley" every chance I get."

Last updated: August 1st, 2006