Members   Doug Holte
Deerwood, MN
Doug Holte
1957 165ST

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Doug writes: "I must have caught that Hummerrrrrrr bug!!!!!! "
"After searching long and hard for either a Hummer or a 165 restored, or to restore, I found this bike on Ebay (08/2008) pretty much in the condition as seen in the photos. And as Barry Meguiar might say about cars "I have been Hummer crazy every since"!
"I recently picked up a '58 165 that was at one time a flat track racer in the '60's and I'm now in the process of trying to restore it with help and advice from our friend Mutt, and other members. My goal is to have it done for Davenport next year".

Ed. note: Yep, the Hummer bug has a viscious bite.

Last updated: August 1st, 2006