Members   Elwin Haddix & Keith Murray
Ben Lomand & Hayward, Ca.
Elwin Haddix & Keith Murray
1953ST 165 & 1957ST 165

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Elwin writes:"... I just found the site & it's GREAT!!! I bought my first Model 165 in 1957 when I was 14 & I'm still looking for it. The serial number was 53ST 3899, so if any of your members have knowledge of it I'd like to know. This one is my 1953 Model 165 that I've owned for a little over a year & ride around Santa Cruz, CA weekly. I'm also including a picture of the Hummer with my 1942 WLA (that I ride daily) and anniversary Dyna Wide Glide. Great site & thanks for all that you do for Hummer lovers everywhere".
Elwin adds "My good friend Keith Murray......hadn't owned a Harley for several years & I talked him into finding his Hummer, which is really nice.....He called me one day & told me that he had ridden it from Hayward to Dublin, a round trip of nearly 50 miles to attend an Arlen Ness event!!...... I don't know anybody that rides their Hummer more than he does!!! Almost every day. .....we're just two old men enjoying our childhood again!"

Last updated: September 20, 2006