Gene Paterni

1953ST 165 & 1948 Model S

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Gene writes " Hello name is Gene Paterni and I live a few miles north of Detroit...I saw your web page about hummers that were listed on eBay and I saw my Hummer was the orange one that you said didn't sell.....well it did sell. I contacted the seller before the auction ended and offered him $3200.00 and told him I would pick the bike up instead of him shipping it....and he said I drove to Rochester, NY to pick it up....when I got it home I cleaned out the gas tank ...put fresh gas in and drove it around the block....then I started to tear the whole thing down to the frame...sand blasting, powder coating, sent the motor to Mutt, had the seat recovered, rebuilt the speedo, found the saddle bags and windshield on eBay and now I'm driving it around town...I sure turn a lot of heads..... I also picked up a 48 the same way....made an offer and the seller said ok only this time he was only 10 miles away...just thought you'd like to know the story...Gene

Did not sell

'53 ST

The '48

'48 as purchased


Seat spring details. Note opposite wound