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Frank Grochocki
'48 Model 125, '50 Model 125, (2) '52 Model 125's (2) '54 Model 165's, (2) '57 Hummer's, '57 model 165, '59 Hummer, '62 Ranger, '62 Scat, '63 Pacer, '64 Scat
(Ed. note) Frank decided to share his bikes with us and do something a bit different:
He wants to point out the things he knows are incorrect with them so that other
people don't accidentally copy him when doing a restoration.

Click on pictures to enlarge

1948S Model 125: "...First two pics are a 48S, with fendertip
option, red grips, option, and a chromed horn face that was
not standard. On speedo pic note cable oilers accessory!"
1950S Model 125 "...color not correct, black barrel (I just like the black barrel better!), horn should not be chromed, brake light switch should not be chrome, with amp gauge accessory." (Ed. Chromed seat springs, rear brake lever).
1952S Model 125 "....obvious stuff not correct: my famous
black barrel, the horn face chromed, lower muffler clamp
not correct, and chrome brakelight switch. Has rear luggage
rack accessory, as well front fender light."
1952S Model 125: "This is a pic of another 52S, a close up of the front end. Incorrect on this one is the black barrel, wrong clamp on air cleaner, and who knows, those are most obvious. Has front fender accessory".
1954ST 165: "This is a couple of pics of 54 165ST the
Anniversary model. It has a number of parts chromed
that would not be correct: tailight, muffler, forks,
fork panel, horn face, reg cover, headlight. Sent a closeup
of medallion, not sure if I saw one on site or not?"
1954ST 165: "This is another pic of a 54 165ST. Has a number of not correct item: black barrel (I just like em black!), horn face chromed, brake switch chromed, incorrect saddlebags, and paint (had a little left over from something!).
1957B Hummer: "These are of a 57 125B Hummer.
This one even has the original "yoder" horn. Was a
neat one to do as it was all there original , probably
the most complete one I came across!"
1957B Hummer: "These are of a 57 125B with a close up of tank and light switch. I got the blue and red 57 from one place, the old find them in a barn find!".
1957ST 165: "This one is another 57, 165ST a good comparison to the B model."
1959B Hummer: "These are a 59B 125, a side view and a close up of top fork plate with speedo hole blank plate cover. I don't think I saw a pic of this on site.".
1962 Ranger: "these are pics of a 62 Ranger, the black barrel and
chrome seat springs were not correct. I have enclosed another
two pics that were taken of a demo bike that a Harley-Davidson
Rep took around to show the dealers. I am not sure where I
got pics from, posted them on ebay a few years back when I
sold the bike to show how correct it was from new. I have the pics
somewhere, who knows where, maybe a little digging and I could find them. Definately some good referance pics for the 62 Ranger."
1962 Scat: "These are pics of a 62 Scat, with optional red grips. A close up of speedo."
1963 Pacer: "These are a 63 Pacer, the obvious incorrect black barrel (do it all the time). Also red grips accessory not stock."
1964 Scat: "These last pics are a 64 Scat. The pics are a highlight of a few of my bikes, tried to pick one of each model. Maybe a couple of the close up pics will help someone with their project. The obvious black barrel again! Oh well, can't help it. Funny though, some judges don't pick it up!"

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