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Howard Kaplan
1965 Scat

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Howard writes,
"Hello Brent,
My name is Howard Kaplan and I live in Oregon. I wish I could tell you I found this bike in an old hay loft, but nothing as glamorous as that. In fact I spotted it on Craig'slist and eyed it for a couple of weeks, not really sure what to make of it. But I’m a Harley enthusiast so it piqued my interest. Upon further investigation I learned it was a 1 owner and still had the original registration and 1965 plates.
I've been looking to fill a spot in my “Man Cave” and this seemed to fit the bill. Doing more research I found the Hummer Club website and a wealth of information. I then contacted the owner, made an offer, and they countered. A week later it was mine.
The History on the bike is as follows: It was purchased new by Ken and Della from Lebanon, Oregon. They were both avid fisherman and used the Scat to pack in their gear to their favorite fishing lake in southern Oregon. It was bought with the optional low ratio gear to aid in hauling over rough terrain to the campsite where they spent the weekend. Della told me they did this for many weekends and years until they felt they were too old to make the trek. Ken parked the Scat in the corner of his workshop where it sat for many years.
Fast Forward years later: a man named Kevin, and his wife, had a mutual interest with Ken and Della as they all were rock collectors. One day Kevin was in Ken's shop and noticed handlebars sticking out of some blankets. Kevin asked Ken what kind of bike was under there. Ken was too old to remember so they removed years of debris and uncovered the Scat. Kevin asked if he would like to sell the bike. Ken asked a friend of his what he thought it was worth and the friend, not knowing anything about motorcycles, told Ken it was worth $10,000.
Kevin knew it was futile to talk him down, so the bike went back to the corner of the shop where it sat until Ken's passing at 82. A few months later Kevin, who at this point lost interest in the bike, helped Della sell the bike."

webmasters note:

Here we have a one-owner bike that's a virtual time capsule. Except for wear & tear, and the things done to it to keep it running, it's fairly untouched. Howard was kind enough to take photo's of all the details I asked him to. We hope this answers questions as to the way it was shipped from the Factory.

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To restore, or not to restore? .... that is the question.

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