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James Eltzroth
   The pictures were taken in 1956 when I was home on leave from the Navy, I bought the 165 new from the largest dealer in Columbus, Ohio (A.D. Farrow) in late 54 so I think it was a 55. I traded in my 1948 Cushman step-thru scooter on it. I used it to go to High School and deliver newspapers.

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   I also rode it to work at a gas station owned by my girl friends dad, after we closed each night I would beat him home and was setting on his porch with his daughter when he got there (that didn't make him very happy). I loved riding it and rode it to my sisters 100 miles away one time, 70 miles an hour all the way (it overheated and stoped 3 times). I put a lot of miles on it, never did have any mechanical trouble with it except the overheating that one time.
   I just found the Hummer Club a couple of weeks ago, I now have Mutt helping me with some of the parts.
Ed. note:
    This is what does it for me... history. I'll be looking forward to posting the coming photo's. Best of Luck with your project!

Update 4-2012: The project is coming along!

Update 8-2013! I finally finished my 165! It took me 3 years as I paid for the parts by selling things on eBay and used some SS money when I had a little extra.