James Whisler
Green Valley, Il.

1954 Model ST 165

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James writes "I have been involved with 'Hummers' for only two years, but my interest in them goes back to my
High School days in the late 1950's. I wanted one so bad back then- it seemed everybody
had one but me. I can still name eight or nine guys that had them in High School.
Back in Feb. of '05 I purchased my 1954 165 ST in pieces. The fenders, tank, and Teleglide panel
were already primed by the previous owner so they went to the local Auto Body for the Forest Green paint.
The engine and speedo went to Tom Van Beek for rebuilding. I did all the rest myself as it was now
just a matter of other parts as needed and re-assembling the bike. Parts were obtained from Richard Duda,
Leroy Lange, and Illinois collector and restorer Bud Cole. It was Bud who made the final throttle wire to carb
connection for me and test rode it on July 12th, '05
What a thrill when the engine started! I've often wondered when (what year) that engine ran last!"

"Update-   During 2006 I displayed my little Harley at an Invitational Antique Car Show and several local
' Cruise-in's' in surrounding towns. I enjoy talking to people about my bike as many of them
begin by saying "I remember when" or "I had one of those in High School".  Am looking forward to 2007.
I did purchase a set of crashbars at Davenport last year and will probably get a luggage rack
this year if I can get one at a reasonable price."