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Jerry Hatfield
Arlington, Texas
1953 Model 165 Hummer

My odometer just turned 3,002 miles...

My most interesting ride was from Arlington, Texas, to Cleburne, Texas, and back to Arlington. The total ride was about 120 miles. In Cleburne, I retraced my paper route of 58 years ago. Here's the bike in front of the old high school that was last used as a school about 30 years ago.

After about 15 years of intermittent use for this and that, the old Cleburne High School was gutted in 2002. Only the exterior walls and stairs were retained. They cleaned up really well. The new flooring was the same pattern as formerly, small white hexagonal tiles with black caulking, like some barber shops used to have. So there's a whiff of mystique inside for those of us who walked the same halls but used other rooms in a different floor plan. From the outside the place looks much the same. The original windows differed, as they were a bit smaller and were made to open up during warm days of the pre air conditioning era.

The new purpose of the building is to serve as a county courthouse annex. Of all the enterprises that were in Cleburne when I was a kid, only the following remain in the same locales and doing the same jobs: a 15' x 15' hamburger stand, two Dairy Queen restaurants, some schools, and the main county courthouse. For some reason, it takes three times as much floor space now to conduct the county's business, and the city's business.

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