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Jerry Linley
Tifton, GA..
1954 ST

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Jerry writes:
" My Dad bought the Harley for me in May 1954. The High-Riser handlebars were not on it and I asked for the change. The H-D dealer, T.D. Howten said he would change them out for $20. I had many, many hours of fun on this little bike. In June of 1956 I sold it to my Best Friend. He loved it as much as I did. We both entered the Army about the same time and we both were pilots. In 1979 he was killed in a freak mishap in Ohio when a rotor-blade separated from the rotor-head; all aboard perished. The bike was passed onto his brother and I asked to buy it, but he said he was going to restore it.... 28 years went by."

"My friend's brother passed away in 2004 and I got it back in 2006. I had a lot of great advice and help to complete this project. I learned a lot of stuff and how to find parts to complete it. My bikes serial number is 54ST3227. There are very few 'repro' parts. Please note the battery box. It is hand crafted from Aircraft aluminum. The bike was ridden for the first time on 6-11-07 after 50 years of being dormant! The engine was rebuilt by Bruce McKenzie of Dekalb, Il. The paint by Jesse James Harris, Tifton, GA., complete assembly was done by Roy Waldroup, Nichols, GA. and the powder coating is by Wes Smith, Moultrie, GA. I am the first and second owner. It has been in a two-block radius for all these years; except when we rode it".
"The speedo has the original miles as shown (11,381.9)." ed. note: I remarked about the toolbox being the same color as the bike and Jerry responded:
" I talked with two of my old friends and they do not recall the toolbox being 'black'. I did scratch the inside of the box.... no sign of black paint!!!"

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