John Weardon

San Angelo, Texas

1959 Hummer

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John writes ".... Here are some pictures of my '59 Hummer, a before and a couple after pictures. I got this bike from a friend of mine at work. It was originally his uncles and after he got it he threw a cover over it and it sat outside his shop for twenty years. I knew he had this bike, but had never really paid any attention to it till one day my friend needed some money. He had a shotgun in hoc down at the local pawn shop and was strapped for cash to get it out. Overhearing his problem, I asked him what he was going to do with that "old little Harley". So, one $250.00 pawn ticket later I had this old rusty bike in my garage. After really looking at it, I found it was pretty much complete but in worse condition than I had thought. At first I thought I would just sell it, but the more I looked at it and learned about these bikes, I decided I wanted to restore it. It turned out to be a real head turner and I could not have done it without the help of Mutt, Richard Duda, Lee Lange, and everyone who responded to my questions on HumEx. Everytime I take it out, I spend more time talking about it than riding it. It is alot of fun and I am currently working on a second bike, a '54 Anniversary 165. Maybe some day I will have pictures of it also".

'59 Hummer ...before


Other side