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Lenny King
Maui, HI
1956 Model B Hummer

Lenny writes:
   "I recently purchased this Harley Hummer as a 1956 Harley Hummer, unfortunately like most old bikes the year is not as cut and dry as we would like it to be. I purchased it sight unseen but the person I purchased from was nice enough to ship it to me, in Hawaii. I live on Maui and always dreamed of owning a Hummer, the perfect island hopper."

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   "I want to thank you (HHC) for the great site, it is a wealth of knowledge for me. I was not around when these bikes came out, I am only 32 but I will continue to try and carry the torch of knowledge that people before me have laid out. I enjoy educating my friends and everyone I meet on Maui about the Hummer and its significance. To all the Hummer lovers, if you are ever on Maui, look me up. Iíll buy you a drink and maybe if Iím lucky you can fill my head with more Hummer knowledge.
Your friend and fellow Hummer lover",
Lenny King

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