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Mac Chandler
Tontitown, AZ
48S, 1961 Super 10, 1964 175 Custom

Brent Dugan writes:
   Mac walks a road few travel. He took the chance 'way back when' to start his business in 1971 in Arkansas in a $25 dollar a month shop, with less than $20 in tools and about $50 in his pocket. His claim to fame at the time was a basket Indian Chief that was featured in Big Bike mag. (Nov. 1972). His first 'Hummer' was a 1960 Super 10 when he was 14 yrs. old.
   Owner of Tontitown Machine and Cycle, located in Tontitown, AR. Mac has taken his skills and love for motorcycles and turned them into a thriving business and enjoyable lifestyle.
   As you can tell by his website address Mac's passion is building custom motorcycles. Though he does own 'Originals' when he accumulates a pile of parts he gets an itch that can only be scratched by creating something beautiful and unique with them.

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                   Old meets New. A nice '61 Super 10!    

Mac writes:
    "Here are pictures of "black" -- Parts from bout every year of the "Hummer" series....We had this bike up on wheels, engine installed, and were building a bike that was to have NO frills - no lights, unpainted etc. -- just as a rider for kids to learn to ride on -- then we got carried away.When I built the rear fender , a miracle happened -- I cut off the bad section off a fender -- then cut a section out of the middle of another fender - when I held them together to see how much "fitting" would need to be done --- IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Welded it up - all done -lol
         It's a newly rebuilt (4 yrs ago) 1948 engine - Fired the 8th kick and ran fine - idled perfect -- God LOVES me!"

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