Mac Chandler

A Man who enjoys motorcycles and the people that ride them

Mac walks a road few travel. He took the chance 'way back when' to start his business in 1971 in Arkansas in a $25 dollar a month shop, with less than $20 in tools and about $50 in his pocket. His claim to fame at the time was a basket Indian Chief that was featured in Big Bike mag. (Nov. 1972). His first 'Hummer' was a 1960 Super 10 when he was 14 yrs. old (14 was the year for me too; and many others. Ed.). Mac writes "When I get done with all my "Hummers" that I now have going I will have:
1) a very stock Super10
2) a "beater" 48 model
3) an original paint 165 (maybe I'll re do that one too)
4) a "tribute" Bobcat (unless I find a proper 66 engine)
5) (a) "tribute" Ranger (all good except for the 64 BTH motor)
6) (a) '58 165 (which will be a beater/runner for a while 'til I get more proper parts for it.)
7) a "MINI Hummer Chopper" made as small as possible using ALL Genuine Harley parts.
Some parts will be modified but EVERY part will be a genuine Harley part even if some are modified, Shortster rear wheel, angle on the frame neck, rubber front end, Ranger seat etc."
He adds "I think Hummers are silly little bikes and can't see why anyone would put time and money into them. I have 5 or 6 more to build so maybe I'll figure it out by then, lol."
" Ed. Note: I feel the same way yet here I am dedicated to their preservation! Go figure." His original $25 a month shop is currently 6200 sq. ft. and he's looking to double that in 6 months…not bad for takin' a chance on a $25 a month shop!