Marcelo Barcelli
Peru, South America

1957 Model ST165

Marcelo writes " Hi, My name is Marcelo Barcelli, I'm Peruvian and I have a 1957 Harley Davidson Tele Glide.
I want to be a member of this group". He goes on to state that he has owned this bike for about 5 years
and picked it up in Lima, Peru. It was originally red but it's been repainted black and he's converted the lights to 12 volt.
Being such a poor country there aren't many places that he can get parts or help with the restoration
from so it has taken him all these years to get it to the point it is now. He's hoping that there may be
someone in the U.S. that can help him obtain the parts and information he needs.
(ed. note:) his understanding of English is about like my understanding of Spanish but we can communicate.
If anyone is willing to help I can act as the 'go between'. Contact me at or contact him
directly if you're fluent in Spanish at
Also visit the web page of his motorcycle club in Peru They're a small group of friends who restore and ride antique motorcycles (HD, Triumph, Bmw, Indian, Bsa, etc). Click on the pics and videos links!

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