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Mike Schmitt
48/50 Hybrid Custom

Mike Writes "I've got 5 Harley lightweights and I'm building the last bike now as a Green Bay Packer tribute, its all the leftover parts I had after finishing the first 4 bikes. Steve Sellers did the paint, Wayne Hagler did the seat, and Mutt built the engine which is half and half, right side is a 48, left side is a 50. I'll add more pictures after final assembly. I call this one 'the Cheesehead'."

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"I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Pepper for contributing the club decal on the back fender. I should also mention that Steve Sellers did the leather work on the headlight (a lot of the members would criticize me for covering up a genuine CycleRay, but it is now a custom LambeauRay and it looks awesome!). Steve also made the padded passenger football seat that's attached to one of Duane Taylor's luggage racks, I don't know how comfortable that back seat will be, you'll have to ask my wife after she rides to Green Bay on it".


...and the crowd goes wild over a job well done!

Now it's off to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee!

The End
(for now)

p.s. Mike's wife DOES NOT recommend the passenger seat!