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Norman Boswell
Richmond, VA
55ST, 56ST, 58ST, '47,'49, '53 Cushmans

Norman writes:
   "Brent... Eddie Boomhower said you would be interested in pictures of my Harley Hummers... I have two restored at present .. a 1955 ST and a 1956 ST which I just completed... I have started collecting parts for a 1958 ST and have about 50% of that project ...

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   ......I have been involved in restoration of antique motor scooters and Whizzer motor bikes for over 25 years .... I have several Cushmans restored, a 1947 Whizzer and several VESPA Scooters. My love for the Hummer goes back many years as I had one that I carried news papers on in 1950's... It was a HD 1949 125... I later upgraded to a HD 1953 125 and kept it for a few years 'til I went to a Triumph 500 Speed Twin .... Thanks for all the hard work you do for the Harley Hummer Club... I have met a number of great people on the Exchange and they have been a great help to me in my restorations... Charles "Mutt" Halam has been especially helpful as well as other members of the Club... Eddie Boomhower was most helpful with the last project and he is given a lot of credit for my success in that project..."


1958 ST

   ......"this is my latest completed project.. it took about 2 years to put it together. I got the motor and fork assembly from a guy in Manassas, Virginia and the other parts from various sources. The motor was rebuilt by Eddie Boomhower. The owner of the motor said that his mother bought the bike new in 1958 and rode it for some time... then his Dad used it to race for several years and after that the motor was put in a go-kart for several more years. As the picture shows, I restored it to it's original condition and color. Thanks to all the Hummer Club members for their information and parts to complete this bike. As usual, "Mutt" Hallam was very helpful."


1948S Model

   ......"Here is a picture of another restoration. It is a 1948S that was found in Petersburg, VA. It took a while to locate the necessary parts to restore it but after about a year, I was able to complete it. The motor was rebuilt by Eddie Boomhower. "


1960 Super 10

   ......"This is my latest project completed. It is a 1960 Super 10. It took about a year to restore it with the help of Eddie Boomhower, Jack Turner and Mutt Hallam."


1957 Model B Hummer

   ......"This is my 2013 restoration just completed. It is a 1957 B Hummer. It took about a year to restore with the help of Eddie Boomhower and Jack Turner."



   ......"Here are the pictures of my latest completion...1959 Harley 165...took about two years to complete it and it turned out pretty good. I brought it back to its original condition with the help of Jack Turner and Eddie Boomhower. Not sure what my next project will be, but one I am sure one is around the corner.."



   ......"I just completed this 1952 S Harley Davidson 125cc. I have been working on this bike about 1 1/2 years... collecting parts and doing the body and motor work. I had a lot of help with the motor from Jack Turner and Eddie Boomhower. The color is a color that Harley offered that year and the restoration was completed so the bike would look as it was when it was new. I plan to enter it into the Asphalt Angles car show which will be held at Meadow Event Park at Doswell, VA on February 10-12, 2017. .."



   ......"The annual Asphalt Angels Car Show is coming up on Feb. 9-11 at Meadow Event Part, Doswell, VA. I plan to take my latest completed project... a 1953 Harley Davidson 165cc (see attached pictures). This bike has a sentimental value in that it is the same year and color as the bike I had when I was a kid and carrying newspapers in Danville, VA. This bike is 165cc vs my other bike, a 125cc bike. I want to thank Eddie Boomhower, Jack Turner and Roger McGinnis for their assistance in completing this bike...."

Normans other passions include:

1947 Cushman

1949 Cushman

1953 Cushman Eagle

    "a photo that appeared in the Danville Register and Bee newspaper after Ed Guill and I returned from our trip out west."
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