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Ronnie Tanner
North Little Rock

   I acquired two wasted Harley Hummers in 1990. One was a 125 and the other was a 165. They were nothing more than a rolling frame with locked up engines in a box. They had been sitting in my basement until November of 2012 when I decided to start a restoration project on the 165.
Since the engine was a 59 model in a 52 frame I decided to build a rider and not a show bike. I have done all of the work myself except the spraying of the paint, covering of the seat and reboring the cylinder. It has been a most satisfying project.
I now have the project finished and have posted some pictures before and after. The bike is not original and I have used several reproduction parts in the rebuild.
I have also posted a picture of myself, which was made in 1959, on my 53 ST165. I still remember the serial number on the bike 53ST1436 and have often wondered if it is still out there in Hummer Land somewhere or if it is in the grave.

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