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Naples, FL.
Roy Goyette
1957ST 165 & 1958 Hummer

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Roy writes:
August 1, 2007
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"The Junkyard Dog"
"In May of 2006 a great friend and former business partner (Ronnie) contacted me about doing a restoration project. I was told that it was an old 165 Harley that had been stored for many years. The bike had special meaning to Ronnie as it was an identical year, make and model to one he had growing up. We came to an agreement (bike unseen) and I drove to Virginia Beach, Virginia to pick it up. I about choked when I saw the condition of the bike as it was dragged into the sunlight after decades of storage in an old trailer that was packed full of motorcycles from around the world."
"I got the bike back to my shop and before I started anything I decided to photograph the process. A few of those many photos are posted with this story. As you can see the poor old bike should have been shot and put out of its misery. As time went on and once I was able to clean off 50 years of grime and neglect I found more and more problems."

"1. Severely bent and broken frame. 2. Destroyed fenders. 3. Frozen engine. 4. Many missing and damaged parts. 5. Fire damage. 6. Incorrect wheels. The list continued to grow into a major POS. I have spent my life working on and riding motorcycles of all types* but this was the absolute worst that I have ever dealt with."

"I discussed all this with Ronnie and it was decided to go ahead with the project but to "Rebuild" the bike and not try and "restore" it, figuring that the process would be less costly."
"Thank goodness I was able to find out about The Harley Hummer website. The information contained on the web site was invaluable to the success of the build. Not only technical info but great photos, stories and most importantly the contact info of terrific enthusiasts from around the world."
"The rebuild went on for a few months as I was able to squeak in about 15-20 hours a week. This was a huge undertaking but at the same time a relaxing bit of hobby time as well. I was able to salvage a few parts and used OEM and repop items for the build. It is close to original as I could reasonably make it. I did take some liberties with the build since I knew it would never be a 100 point show bike, however I did stick very closely to original".
"I must now give a great YEE HAW -THANK YOU to all the fine individuals and vendors that put up with my zillion phone calls and e-mails trying to gather info".
1. Mutt Hallam @ Pigstye 2. Duane Taylor @ Taylor Classic Cycles 3. Jack Spearman 4. Red Raven Products 5. Antique Cycle Supply 6. The Eastwood Company 7. Coker tire Company 8. 9. Richards Portable Welding Service 10. Hummer Emporium 11. NOS Parts 12. Craig Labee 13. Southern Plating Specialties 14. Harley Hummer Club. Hopefully I have noted every one. Thank you all!

"Now for the eerie part of the story. I got the bike done, all ready to go. I received a call from Ronnie's family the very next evening that Ronnie had passed away on completion day. He never got to see the finished bike. I had been sending update photos as I went along but nothing of the complete bike. So the damaged, dirty little bike that was dragged into the light only months before was now left behind in all it's newness. The bike has remained with me and will soon be picked up by a family member that plans to keep it as a family treasure. Hopefully they will get it out for a run now and then and take it to some shows."
"I now have my sights on (what I have been told is) a 1953 125 Hummer that is complete and in very good original condition. So I guess I will be starting the process all over again in the future. I hope this little ditty will encourage folks to take up the challenge to rebuild-restore an old bike-car whatever. There is support out there if you are patient and persistent. If any one has questions about this build please feel free to contact me Roy Goyette, Naples, Florida"

Update on "The Junk Yard Dog!"

"I delivered the bike back to my departed friends family yesterday. (ed. note: 8/25/2007) They are excited to have it back and are making major plans to "show" the bike in the VA. area. The AMSOIL Corporation is doing a magazine article on the bike which should be out in October. Several other Companies are also looking at using the bike in articles as well. While I was there I picked up the last remaining bike from my friends collection. It is a 1958 Hummer. Initial inspection shows that the bike is fairly well unmolested. It was repainted red from its original white, Has a little over 10,000 mile showing. The top end of the engine is gone and the muffler has been replaced otherwise it's all there. So once time and funds are available I will once again be working to restore this little jewel."

"Since all the many bikes I have built over the years have been given names it is only fitting that this 125 Hummer get one too. So henceforth will be called "Piglet". I guess not real inventive but I think it suits the bike".

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