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Sterling Keith
Kountze, TX

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"I have a 1961 BT Super-10 that I found in 1979 at a yard sale for 75 dollars. It ran when I got it. I rode it until I graduated in 1985 and left for the military.
I have drug this bike all over the country trying to restore it but as fate would have it it got burned up in a garage fire.
I restored it and it got caught in a house fire. I carried this bike for another 20 years and in 2019 I decided to restore it again. I stripped the bike to
bare frame and started doing the necessary body work. I did all the body work myself. Charles Hallam powder coated the hubs and respoked the rims for me.
Other than that I did all the priming and painting myself. The reassembly was the hardest part making sure I did not scratch the paint. I am looking for
a speedometer since mine is burned and I cant find any one to rebuild it."