Tanno van den ende

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Ed. Tanno writes:
"Hello Brent, my name is Tanno and a long time Hummer and Topper enthusiast. I live in Holland,
so you must understand that it is not easy for me to find parts of these bikes. I try to find them every
other year at the Davenport swapmeet and through my great contacts with Mutt and the Harleyhummernut
Travis. I am corresponding with these guys for many years, and they helped me a lot!! Last year I even
stayed at Dian's and Mutt's house for a couple of days and we all drove the way up to Iowa to visit the swapmeet.
I also made a new Hummer- friend overthere, Bruce McKenzie, also a great guy! ....I have a couple of pics of
Mutt's work he did for me, maybe nice to show the folks. He is really doing a great job!!
There is a pic of my M53 K-model carb. with bomb side venturi, made brandnew by Mutt.

Also the '48 speedo. This was a piece of crap, no glass, holes in the housing, no paint on the face. Look at it now!!

My L&L carb, '48 kicker lever, '48 horn and '48 side-stands. All restored by Mutt. I hope you could use this mail
to show the people somebody's work. I was a Hummer-club member for a couple of years. Brent, many thanx for
reading this long mail and hope to hear from you, take care..........Tanno."

Ed. P.S.