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Tom C.
Kennewick, WA
1959 Harley Hummer

Unrestored 1959 Harley Hummer

Tom C. writes: "I've always liked the looks of these bikes and finally had the chance to purchase one. It's all original.....It's not all that perfect and nice; lots of scratches, paint missing, dings, couple small repairs ect. ect. but overall pretty nice for a 59. I think for the most part its never been messed with, a lot of the bolts probably have never had wrenches on them. The odometer reads 2041 miles.....I bought it off the Craigs List from a guy that has owned it for 26 years. He only started and rode it one time and that was back in 1985, otherwise it just sat in his garage all these years. He said the original owner was a teenage kid who used it to deliver news papers with. It was originally bought in Everett, WA, that's where I picked it up from also. It has an original Harley 2 cycle oil can on it, It has a few dents in it but still very cool. The previous owner said in the 26 years he owned it he has never removed the oil can because he didn't want to damage it further trying to get it out. The fenders have some dings in the trailing edges.... some of the chrome has some slight pitting in it, I think a quick pass of steel wool followed by a coat of wax will take care of that. I was going to restore it but decided I like the looks of it in original paint better....It's only original once. It came with all the original paperwork, smaller street sprocket, shop manual and brochures from 59. I'm looking forward to getting it running and taking it around with me when I go to shows."

(Ed. note: unlike most of the pages you'll see on this site I left the original photo's in their 'super-size' mode so that you'll be able to see every detail that you care to. Tom's pictures were of the highest quality I've received so far so they are 'unretouched'. Things to note as unoriginal are the rear sprocket (pictured), the package rack and the electrical tape on the front brake/speedo cables. Other than that.....Enjoy!

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