Travis Scott
Guffey, CO

1965 Puckett & 1954 Puckett

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Travis Writes "....the Orange one is a 1965 with all the Puckett parts
and racing gears. This was my first year of racing it, so it was really a shake down race to see how it
would do and learn what needed to be fine tuned. I am now looking for a set of jets for it since I had it
tuned for the elevation where I live, (8,500 feet) and Davenport is way, way lower than that!

It has the frame powder coated in a Metallic Chameleon that shifts from
light green to dark green to a burnt orange to a bright orange ! The tank is a bright Metallic Orange, with
"Lewis Puckett Motors" (from his business card.), written on top and "Puckett Power" on the sides. Very
cool and '60's looking.

The Blue bike with the red frame is a 1954 165. That frame is red and has blue pearl
in it. The tanks are a deep blue metallic with some red pearl. This was the "Trickest" motor I have out of all the
Puckett stuff I purchased years ago. Instead of cutting off just the top 4 fins on the cylinder and adding the 4
cooling rings like so many other Puckett cylinders, they ground off all of them and shrink fitted all new fins over
the entire cylinder and left them big and squarish in comparison to the round ones. They then had to make
a head to match the cylinder. The flywheel has notches cut into it to act as a Blower for the custom, yet simple
reed valve system for the Servi-Car carb. The whole thing makes for one radical looking engine. The frame is stock
except for the "Wrights Springer Swing Arm Frame Attachment." This was a kit that was available in the early '50's
for the 125 and 165. It boasted that in just a couple hours with just a hack saw and a crescent wrench, you could give
your bike a swing arm suspension just like the "K" Model! I even have the original literature on this kit. This bike is restored
just like it would have been in the '50's. Right down to the tires, ignition and petcock and so on.
I call this bike "Puckett's Coup De Gra'ce" . This is written on top of the tank. Attached is a shot of me mounting-up at Davenport.