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Travis Scott
Guffey, CO.
48S, 49S, (2) 54ST, 58 125, 58B, 59ST, 65 Pacer, 65 Scat, (2) 66 BobCat's

Travis writes:
"Here are a few of my bikes. The white one is a 1959 165, the white and black is an Original 1958 125, the orange 165 with
the Buco bags is an all Original 1954, and the red and white Pacer is an all Original 1965...."

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"The Hunting and Fishing Bobcat is ALL ORIGINAL with only 41 miles on it. And the street version is restored
to the optional color of "Sparkling Burgandy" and only has 1540 miles on it".

Here are Travis' recent additions! (ed.)

1948S 125

1949S 125

1954ST 165

1958 Hummer

1965 Scat

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