Members   Will & Howard Brandum
Will Brandum
1956ST 165

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Will writes:
    My father, Howard E. Brandum, was club member 736 and grew up       around Greenfield Ohio. This is him with his 1956 ST165 in 1965.

              Dad rode it all over southern Ohio in the late 60's and had quite a few adventures.
At one time Dad replaced the taillight lens with an old one that said "Dodge." One of his stories was    about a farmer looking for him to do some farm work- he was looking for a guy who had a Dodge                            motorcycle and his name, Harley, was painted on the gas tank.

In the mid 90's my Dad refurbished it and started taking it to the Easyriderís Rodeo Tour in Chillicothe, OH. He met a lot of great people there. Big burly bikers loved the little "Hummer" and Dad loved to get pictures of the ladies posing on the bike.                                                     He always looked forward to the yearly meet.

      I've taken it a few times in his memory as Dad passed in 2003. This photo is of me taking the bike to the Easyriderís event
in 2004 behind my '77 Checker cab I picked up in 1997. I wanted to share these photos with the Club members in honor of my Dad.

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