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The NEW Hummer Exchange

PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 12:33 pm
by hennesse
Welcome to the NEW Hummer Exchange.

The OLD Hummer Exchange has served us well for about 20 years. One of the nice features was that it was open to the public, without the need to register, and remember your username and password. Unfortunately this has been an opportunity for abuse. Over the years, we have had Russian Spammers using the Exchange to try and sell Viagara and other stuff. Then we had some Nigerian trying to scam people out of money by trying to sell motorcycles that he didn't own. Recently, we have had one member who posts obscene and inflammatory messages.

We've patiently combated these challenges as they came up. But it has become increasingly clear that the only way to effectively combat this abuse is to switch to a commercially-available Forum software package, like you see on many other websites. Most motorcycle-related websites, such as the AMCA, Classic American Iron, the Panhead & Flathead Site, the Harley K-model site, and most others, use one of the two or three available packages.

These packages allow you to freely browse the Forums without registering. But you must register if you want to post messages. This registration allows the site administrators to lock-out any user who abuses the site. We hope everyone plays by the rules, and we never have to use this capability.

The OLD Hummer Exchange will remain available for you to browse, but you will not be able to post new messages or reply to old messages. Please look through it - many common questions have been asked and answered there.

The NEW Hummer Exchange will require a little effort to register and learn how to use. We're sorry to have to make old dogs learn new tricks, but once you get used to it, you'll find it offers many good capabilities, and you'll like it more than the OLD one.

This site remains FREE to use. This site does NOT have any annoying ads. This site does NOT sell your information. We never have done any of these, and we never will.