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How-to: Avatars

Postby hennesse » Wed May 16, 2018 10:12 am

Some of the people on this forum have little photos of themselves next to their postings.
How Do: I put a little photo of ME on here?

The little photo is called an "Avatar", and for this forum, it's just a 90 pixel x 90 pixel JPG photograph.

If you know how to make a 90 x 90 pixel photo, continue on with the directions. If you're clueless, don't worry - help is on the way. Just email or Private Message (PM) me with a photo of your smiling face, and I'll do my best to extract an Avatar from it.

Once you've got an Avatar to work with:

1. Click on User Control Panel (just under the K-model engine at the top of the page).

2. Click on "Profile" on the horizontal menu bar.

3. Click "Edit Avatar" in the vertical menu bar.

4. Click "Browse" select a file, then click "Submit".

If all went well, your new Avatar will appear next to all your postings. If not, you can email or PM your Webmonster. Find the username "hennesse" in the forums, and click on it - it should give you a screen with my email and PM (private messaging) links. I won't promise to make you pretty, but I can make you into an Avatar...

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