Replacing Speedo Bezel

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Replacing Speedo Bezel

Postby CanuckDave » Wed May 08, 2019 9:01 pm

I've been searching on-line trying to find some info before asking here but does anyone now how remove and install a early (1951) bezel? My old one is getting crusty and I want to change it out.
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Re: Replacing Speedo Bezel

Postby Mutt » Wed May 08, 2019 9:41 pm

Stewart -Warner made a special tool just for that. It was a piece of tubing , with the same radius as the can and then 2/3 of the tube cut way, Ya just hold it against the can while holding the can and tap the bezel off, alternating 180º when needed

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Re: Replacing Speedo Bezel

Postby Keith Hummer » Thu May 09, 2019 12:46 am

Check with Duane Taylor. He may have a bezel and be able to replace it for you.
Keith Hummer
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Re: Replacing Speedo Bezel

Postby d63299 » Thu May 09, 2019 12:12 pm

Stewart Warner Bezel removal:

If your speedometer is working as it should then you do not want to damage the internals by trying to remove the bezel by beating on it.
As you describe the bezel, it is not something you want to save so take the easy way out which is:
Use a Dremel tool or equivalent and with a cutoff abrasive disc installed, cut the top edge of the bezel down to the lens level and continue down the side of the bezel about 7/8 ths the width of the bezel side. Now insert a
flat blade screwdriver in that cut line, twist and the bezel will either break or be loose enough to tap it off with ease. I would not be too concerned about abrasive cutting/nicking the lens as a new bezel will have a lens.
This procedure takes about 3 minutes and I use it if the Bezel is not worth saving. If I want to save the Bezel I use special tooling designed/made here to remove it but it can take 10 -12 minutes. This tooling is nothing
like the SW "Clutz" tool which was pretty dismal and very hard to use with less than 3 hands.

RE installing a new Bezel:
Turn the Bezel assembly upside down and {make sure the pressure ring is in place in the bezel}
Now with the speedometer upside down, start it in the bezel and press the speedometer into the Bezel making sure it is totally in and seated against the pressure ring. DO NOT put pressure on the speedometer
cable nipple. Rig up something so you are putting pressure on the outer rim area of the speedometer shell bottom.

Be aware that a Bezel assembly is not cheap at $60. plus shipping and if installation is not done properly you will have a loose lens and maybe a damaged bezel. That said, proceed with caution.

Duane Taylor

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