magneto rotor charging

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magneto rotor charging

Postby Mutt » Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:18 pm

Hey y'all, I'd just like every one to know that I just scored an awesome Allen magneto rotor recharger. Been looking for one of these for at least 10 years. This was made in the late 50's /early 60's and Bendix 4 pole rotors are the perfect fit. No adapters needed. This machine was made to charge 4 pole magneto rotors , but is right at home doing 2 pole rotors as well (Edison, Wico, Fairbanks-Morse, Morris, Joe Hunt, etc). The fella I am buying it from runs a certified FAA licensed aircraft magneto repair service and his company is at a nearby airport.

Got to drive about 120 miles round trip and pick it up Monday.

a Gaussmeter tells the current strength of the magnets of the rotor before doing a discharge of the rotor, then after recharging the rotor, it will show the new strength.

With a Gaussmeter to check these before, I found that rotors with a reading of 25g or less, will not fire a motor at all, that 28g will fire it but runs crappy and that 35g or better puts out a fat blue spark that will power lights and ignition , no problem.

Once I get everything in order, I plan to charge just a measley $5 and you pay return shipping to recharge your rotor. No need to pay $50 any more and same day service if the PO is still open when I get your rotor in the mail that day..

Pictures coming soon...............................

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