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Postby Brent » Wed May 19, 2021 7:36 pm

I've noticed a number of new people sighing up for the HHC..... but none have reached out to me to tell me why. I'm available. Did you have one as a kid? Are you just realizing your connection to your youth? Do you just think they're a fun thing to have?
I want the stories! .... and photos if you have them. This is what our 'Members Pages' are all about. Sharing history... your history.... and how these bikes affected yours. Read a few of them and you'll find you weren't alone. Please share your adventures. I can be contacted at
I'm old but still functional. I'll work with you on what you want to post.
In this crazy world sometimes our reflections back to our youth bring us comfort.
The site is free... and we'll keep it this way.
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