Shifting gears

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Shifting gears

Postby AdamW » Sun Oct 03, 2021 3:17 pm

I am reassembling the motor on my 63 Scat. Not quite ready to seal it up as I am having issues shifting gears while testing the transmission. (The main drive gear bushing was just replaced) I can shift up from 1-N-2-3 just fine but shifting down from 3 to 2 sometimes leaves me in a neutral state. I have to play with the lever until the main shaft sliding gear falls into place on the main shaft. Sometimes when shifting up into 3rd, I'm unable turn the shaft at all. Not sure what would be causing this. I did notice slight outward movement in the right main drive bearing(not spun out in case though). The transmission parts look fine, no excessive wear that I can see. All the bearing retaining clips are in place. The shifter itself seems to work fine. There is some slight side to side movement of the shifter shaft when the cases are together. Not sure if this would be causing a misalignment of the operation. I am turning the main shaft when shifting but not sure if this is correct procedure for testing. Am I testing incorrectly?
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