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My 65

Postby Gary » Fri May 21, 2021 1:49 pm

Hi everyone,
New to the forum here and I am excited to share my story and hear others about these awesome bikes and their journeys! For me my journey began with my father-in-law’s old 1965 pacer. The bike was used as a bargaining chip how many times I’m not sure but it landed at his mechanics shop on the right day and was snagged up. Although the bike was destined for greatness it would sit in the back of a garage for the foreseeable future. Eventually covered in dust and shoved to the back it was still something that always caught my eye. Fast forward to 2016 I was able to resurrect the bike from the deep depths of a garage forgotten by time. Now with the bike out in the light I could see the need for some serious TLC. I was excited to see that the bike itself ran (although not for long). I myself, lacking the mechanic requirements needed to rebuild the motor began the search for parts and mechanics that could help me see this project through. With parts often taking weeks and months to find and order the challenge was not accepted lightly by many. Finding success with parts from “mutt” in Texas I have began the tedious process and have never been more excited. I’m sure the search will never end and will always be something I enjoy looking for. Pictures to come, once I can get them to upload properly. Any help and comments are appreciated. Thanks to admin for the entry to the group and safe journeys everyone!
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