My bike

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My bike

Postby Emerica1975 » Sun Jun 19, 2022 1:23 am

I finally got the bike I stared putting together over the winter rideable. I still need proper fenders headlight and fork panel. But I’m going to ride it for awhile around town and enjoy it!! I tried to add a picture of it so I hope it loads.
Thanks again for everyone answering my questions and giving tips.
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Re: My bike

Postby 250_Sprint » Sun Jun 19, 2022 10:15 am

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Be prepared to explain your bike to a lot of strangers.
One of my favorite question from folks is, ‘What is it worth?’
My answer is always, ‘Fair market value is $XXXX.xx. But to me it is worth $XX,XXX.xx.’

I have brought back to life several ‘left for parts’ bikes. I feel good providing this service to the general public.
1967 Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin Hurricane Scrambler a 175, 2-stroke twin 2-cylinder
1966 Harley-Davison Sprint-H, a 250cc, 4-stroke single
1976 Harley-Davidson SX-175, a 175cc, 2-stroke single
1972 Kawasaki H1, a 750cc, 2-stroke triple
All of them not running when I found them. I put 100s or 1000s of miles on them before I let them go.

It is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Again, Congratulations!
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