Thank You, Mutt!

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Thank You, Mutt!

Postby Mike C. » Wed Mar 27, 2019 2:24 pm

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Just a quick shout out to Mutt to thank him for an outstanding job with my '60 Super 10 flywheels and cylinder.

My Super 10 was in ROUGH shape when I got her and the motor was a block of rust. After splitting the cases and freeing the flywheels, I wasn't very hopeful they could be used but I sent them and the cylinder to Mutt.

He bored out the cylinder, honed it, and painted it. Looks awesome. Even had a NOS piston and rings for it.

The flywheels were another matter. Pretty much junk. Mutt hunted down a decent set of flywheels, connecting rod, shafts, etc. and built me a new one. He also sent pics and a video to show the progress. Outstanding job all way around and I appreciate him very much.

I'm starting the rebuild now, my first motor of this type, moving carefully and slowly. I know I'll be reaching out to Mutt and others on this board as I proceed.

Wish me luck! Probably gonna need it.
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