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1952-1953 Model 125
MPH 60  
Needle Red  
  Numbers Background
Speedometer Apple Green Black
Odometer Black White
Odo 10th's Red White
Trip Odometer none none
Trip 10th's none none

Example #1 - Greg Van Beek #184

Example #2 - Mutt #507

The Enthusiast, September 1951
Announcing the 1952 models
"A number of changes have been made on the Model 125 speedometer. Diameter of the pivot shaft has been increased for greater strength. The face of the speedometer presents a number of changes. The inner circles are smaller, and the intervening spaces are the same color as the color beneath the numerals and calibration marks. The words, "Harley-Davidson" in script are featured and conform in design with the name on the tank. Calibrations are up to 60 miles an hour. Kilometer speedometers remain the same as last season."

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