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1954-1956 Model 165, 1955-1956 Hummer
MPH 70  
Needle Red and Black  
  Numbers Background
Speedometer Black Light Grey
Odometer White Black
Odo 10th's Red Black
Trip Odometer none none
Trip 10th's none none

Example #1 - Mutt #507

Example #2 -

The Enthusiast, September 1953
Announcing the 1954 models
"The speedometer on the 165 now registers up to 70 miles per hour. Greater legibility and easier reading has also been achieved with a number of changes. The dial face is now light grey instead of black, and now the numerals are in black instead of silver. For 1954, the pointer is brilliant red with black on the base edges. The new speedometer is pleasing in appearance, is practical, and takes care of the increased performance of the 165 for 1954".

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