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Frame #3

Frame # 3
Part # 47002-47
Used on 1950 - -1951
Neck Forged
On footrest shaft
Lower Rear
Upper Rear
Coil Mount Top tube
Horn Mount Yes
Toolbox Mount Yes
There were three big changes in 1950.
(1) The fork neck was now a drop-forged unit, similar to those used on 45s and big twins.
(2) The jiffystand mount was moved to the footrest shaft. The 48-49 jiffystand was attached to the frame bracket by a bolt. If this bolt loosened, the tangs holding the jiffystand to the frame bracket would break. The new 1950 jiffystand was a vast improvement.
(3) A reinforcement was added under and around the bottom of the footrest tube, because the footrest tube was a weak point in the frame design and broke easily. The reinforcement had a tab on it with a small hole to attatch the new jiffystand return spring. Mutt #509 provided the frame photo below.
[ Thanks to Perry Ruiter #441 for the August 1949 factory-to-dealer "News Bulletin" #1049 new model announcement clipping below ]
In this example you can clearly see the reinforcement under the footrest tube.
There are no upper or lower reinforcememnts where the rear portion of the frame attaches to the main frame section.

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