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Frame #4

Frame # 4
Part # 47002-47
Used on Late-1951 - 1952
Neck Forged
On footrest shaft
Lower Rear
Upper Rear
Coil Mount Top tube
Horn Mount Yes
Toolbox Mount Yes
Mutt #507 believes that there were 3 running changes sometime between late 1951 and 1952.
(1) Lower rear reinforcement was added (when?)
(2) Upper rear reinforcement was added mid-year 1951.
(3) A washer was welded to the rear brake anchor stub on the lower right rear of the frame, to keep the backing plate from falling off. (when?)
We are not sure when these changes appeared. It looks like (1) happened before (2). It is not clear whether (3) happened independently, or with (1) or (2). Research is underway.

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