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Frame #8

Frame # 8
Part # 47002-47B
Used on Replacement for 1948-1962 All
Neck Forged
On footrest shaft
Lower Rear
Upper Rear
Coil Mount Front downtube
Horn Mount Yes
Toolbox Mount ???
The Part# suffix changed - 47002-47B
THEORY: This is a fits-all replacement part - not used on new bikes
The 1960 Parts Books list this frame as fitting "48 to 59 S & ST, 55 to 59 Hummer, 60 Super 10". The drawing shows a frame with the horn tab.
The 1963 Parts Book lists this frame as fitting "53-62 ST, B, BT, BTU, BTH, BTF. Same drawing.
Note: The 1960 Parts book also shows an illustration of a 47002-55A frame, but does not mention it in the parts listing.

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