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Frames In-progress

It has been reported that there are actually 11 different frames. We've only found 9 so far, although frame #4 could actually be three different frames. We need your research to help us find the missing frames - or to clarify what we've written so far.

Year Frame
Frame #1
Early 1948
Model 125
Part# 47002-47 - This frame was used until serial number 48 S 4745
Characteristics are the plate for the kickstand mount, and coil bracket hanging from the upper horizontal tube. The fork neck was just a piece of tubing welded to the frame downtubes
Frame #2
Late-48 - 1949
Model 125
A running change; was made in mid-1948 starting at 48 S 4746 to correct a breakage problem, and the early 1948 frames were recalled (See Shop Dopes #273 and #277) in July 1948. The replacement frames had an "O" or an "X" on the front left engine hanger. It appears that only difference is that these frames had "sleeves" inside the 2 tubes running to the head tube. (Thanks to Douglas Miller)

It is unclear whether there is any difference between frames with the "O" or ""X" markings, and whether all new 1949 production frames also had this marking.

A note on the "recall". The factory offered to supply these frames at no charge, (including shipping) to the dealers. But the dealers would have to completely dissasemble the bike to replace the frame - with no labor reimbursement to the dealer. Is it any wonder that Harley complained in Shop Dope #277 that they were getting little response from the dealers?

Frame #3
1950 - late-51
Model 125
In 1950, a new forged assembly which had "stubs" - the frame tubes were inserted into the forging stubs, and the assembly was "furnace brazed" together.

The 1948-1949 kickstand was also a poor design. The bolt holding the kickstand to the frame would loosen, and the tangs in the kickstand would break off. For 1950, the kickstand was moved from the frame to the left footrest shaft. Hence, the kickstand mount was removed from the frame.
Frame #4
late-1951 - 1952
Model 125
Three different reinforcements were added in late 1951 and 1952. It is unclear whether these were added at 3 different times, or some were done together.
Frame #5
Model 165
Part# 47002-47A - The new 165 engine design necessitated moving the coil from its old position above the engine to a new position in front of the engine. Hence the coil mount was removed from top horizontal frame tube. Instead, bosses with holes were placed in the front downtube.
Frame #6
Part# 47002-55 - The new Hummer engine used a coil inside the magento for spark, so no external coil was needed, and the bosses for the coil mount were removed from the frame. The Hummer's squeeze bulb horn was mounted on the front fork, so the mounting tab for the electric horn was removed. The toolbox was an option on the Hummer, so the toolbox mounting tab was removed from the frame. The footrest tube and footrest shaft are a single assembly.
Frame #7
Super 10, Pacer, Scat, Ranger
Part# 47002-55A - The Hummer magneto's internal spark coil was a bad idea, so an external spark coil was used. This necessitated the return of the coil mounting bosses and holes in the front downtube.
Frame #8
Universal Replacement
MORE RESEARCH NEEDED HERE! The 1960-1961 Super 10, Pacer and Scat. The electric horn was moved from the frame to the front fork (behind the fork panel). As with the Hummer, the toolbox was an option.
THE PICTURE - Part #47002-47B from the 1960 Parts Book picture which says "Fits 48-59 S, ST; 55-59 Hummer, and 1960 Super-10.
THEORY: The Hummer frame was used on new bikes, and this is a one-size-fits-all replacement part???
Frame #9
Pacer, Scat, Bobcat
Part# 47000-63 - Rear swing-arm suspension

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