Service Shop Dope No. 273 July 1, 1948


Later, model 125 frame has been changed to reinforce it, and to make it more rugged. All earlier frames without these improvements should be replaced with the later, stronger frames as quickly as possible.

We will, therefore, ship you in the near future new frames for all 125 motorcycles shipped before we started using latest reinforced frames in new motorcycle production. You will not have to send us an order for frames. If five or less motorcycles are involved all frames will be shipped in one lot. If there are more than five, we will ship in lots of five wherever possible.

Replacement frames will be charged on special account terms when shipped. We will pay transportation going and coming, and will ship by freight. ALL REPLACED FRAMES MUST BE RETURNED TO THE FACTORY BY FREIGHT, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

This is important because we must salvage certain parts of returned frames in order to have material with which to build required number of new frames to complete replacement program in shortest possible time. Charge made at time of shipment will be cancelled after replaced frames are received at factory.

All model 125 motorcycles with serial numbers above 48S4745 and the following, have latest reinforced frame: 4537, 4716, 4731, 4739, 4683, 4718, 4732, 4740, 4698, 4721, 4734, 4741, 4704, 4722, 4735, 4742, 4707, 4725, 4736, 4743, 4710, 4726, 4738, 4745.

A letter will be sent you soon listing engine numbers of motorcycles shipped to you with earlier frames that should be exchanged. If, in the meantime you have found it necessary to replace frame of any of these earlier motorcycles, possibly the replacement frame you installed is a later type frame, and if so that frame does not have to be replaced again. LATER FRAME IS INDENTIFIED BY LETTER "O" OR "X" STAMPED IN FRAME FRONT ENGINE HANGER, ON LEFT SIDE. Unless you check this carefully and advise us of any later frames already installed, we will ship you exchange frames for all of the motorcycles listed in letter mentioned.

If, in the long run, it should prove out that we have shipped you more frames than are actually needed because you overlooked reporting later frame installations already made, or because some motorcycles shipped to you are no longer permanently located in your territory, the extra frames can either be returned, or you may keep them, and we will bill you for them.

We strongly recommend that as soon as replacement frames are received you immediately start installing them, and get all replacements made in shortest possible time.

Milwaukee 1, Wis., U.S.A.

Thanks to Ron Zwick for providing this Shop Dope